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Tempted by a VERY dark reverse male

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I intended to get another pup later on once Hondo is a lil older but seeing this one is sure makeing it hard to wait.

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OH WOW That is a beautiful pup.
How about you get two one for me and one for you
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awwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute!!!! That would tempt me too.
I want that puppy.
Beautiful! I know the feeling, that's how I got Pua!LOL!
Thats a beautiful PUP  Wish I had that decision. Would be a no brainer. :D
dooooooooooo it doooooooooo it....get another one! haha
Do it Do it they can groww together
It sure is tempting, isn't it? He's a cutie  :)
He's adorable!  If you were thinking of getting another one anyways, and can afford it right now I'd go for it....if you don't you might regret it!
Aww...look at that face!  :love:
I would if I could.
that is one cute pup!!!  good luck!
Guess it wasn't meant to be, she sold it.
Awwww, sorry to hear that....It just wasn't the right time I guess
it sure was a cutie...but your puppy will come when you are ready!  this was just a sign showing you it waasnt the right time
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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