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Wow is right.  That's some serious dedication to keep him on a leash all the time.  Oggie is 4 months, I never kept him on a leash in the house.  He's definitely progressing but he still has accidents from time to time.  He always does it out of my sight though so he knows he's not supposed to do it.  Usually it's just a case of where I waited too long to take him out.  I think your method is definitely working but as he gets better you can probably trust him more and more.  For the most part, I can trust Oggie for at least a while after he goes out.   I don't think your method is "cruel" but I think you can start giving him gradually more freedom and trust and see how he responds.  I've found that you can trust a puppy that is sound asleep a lot more than one who is wide awake.  I've actually left Oggie alone for 10 minutes or so in a closed room as long as he was in a calm state and he's usually fine.  But then one time he went through the trash so I knew that was his limit.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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