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The "5 minutes per month of age" exercise rule

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This is probably a really stupid question, but I'm really not certain, so I must ask.  I've seen in a couple of posts on here that you should only walk a puppy for 5 minutes per month of age.  My question:  Is this per walk or per day?

I'm wondering only because I'm getting my new puppy in about 1 month and she will be 7 weeks old when I get her.  I figure that when she is 8 weeks I can walk her for 10 minutes, but is that 10 minutes for 1 walk or for 1 day?

Thanks guys.
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Per walk is my rule.  Go easy though.  She's gonna tucker out pretty quick, so go at her pace and if shes starting to lag...pick her up and head back home.

I'm so happy for you.  Congrats on the new puppy.  Can we start the countdown now?

Liz and Lilly
[quote="lillyzmomma\";p=\"18137":tcmi5zsy]...I'm so happy for you.
YAY!!!  Congrats on your anniversary too!!!  Could you put her puppy pickup day on the calendar?

Liz and Lilly
Awesome!!!  Now we can all countdown with ease.  Thank you for the kind things you've said about me!!!!  I enjoy helping you guys out any time I can!!!  Keep up the good work and Kiss the babies for me!!!  Tell them that Auntile Liz and Lilly are VERY proud of them!!!

Liz and Lilly
THank you for posting that my mom always said, the only stupid question is one you don't ask...and I was just wondering last night how to tell...because I had read that you want to be "very careful" not to "overexercise" your young boxer, as the chest plates don't close until 18 months... remember give me important info tied to a phrase like "overexercise" ...could we be a little more general here?LOL ...Liz, thank you for the guideline...any other tips? my guys are 13 weeks today...and I don't want to overdo(I am an overprotective worrywart on my best day!)...but, they love going for a walk!
Keeping and wearing out a puppy is more than just physical exercise.  You need to excercise the mind as well.  Training and games are excellent ways to do this!!!  Start teaching them that they must perform a task to get what they want (ie: sit, down, drop it etc...etc...etc...).  Play hide and seek, fetch, tag to get the body and mind woorking together and these game are also great way to teach obedience and recall as well.

Liz and Lilly
Thanks, Liz!  Hmmm...I would not have thought of hide and seek...sounds fun!  :)
Lilly loves it!!!  Its not just fun for them, but for us to!  Its great exercise and the kids (if you have any) can get involved too!!!

Liz and Lilly
I run mine for about 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night - with a break midway.  She is about 15 months old - my vet says that the dog will let you know if its too much - when we first got Chloe she wouldn't tire, but her front shoulder started popping - so we stopped walking her for a few days (she chewed up 3 pair of shoes and her bed though :() and it stopped popping.

So just keep an eye on them...  I found the dog park or large open areas (where you can still get them - like a tennis court or baseball field) is great to tire them out and the exercise isn't constant.
You couldn't actually walk Tink enough to tire her out - she's like a little machine!  The only way to let her work off some real steam is by letting her off the lead.  There's a school down the road from us with 3 football pitches in a row that are fenced in around the perimeter, so we walk her down there and let her off the lead.  She LOVES it, she literally streaks around the place.  We often bring a football down with us too, she's just happy to run around but Hector loves playing with the ball.
We have a school right across the street with a HUGE field in it...we take them twice a day and let them loose...yesterday the sprinklers were was  a blast!

Thanks for the gives me a good frame of reference!

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