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The Actually Stood Still

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To snap some pics!!!  And Kash showed his pouty I want a cookie face!!

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Wow, they look great! Kash is looking so big and healthy. Kash looks like he is waiting for a delicious treat in the last two.  :lol: Cute!
Now how in the world could anyone resist not getting that boy a cookie?! Hanna and Kash are looking gorgeous! Look at those coats! Now go get that boy a cookie!  :D
ok the second to last one is a riot!! i love it :)
Kash huny, if Momma won't give you a cookie, you come see me...Lol, they both look soo good Heather, great shiny coats and Kash just seems to be getting bigger everytime I see him, well of course he is, he's a boxer puppy  :)
how did you get their coats to shiny?

That second to last picture is SOOO cute, I even said awwww out loud.
Kash is getting so big and he is beautiful (Hanna you are too).
They are from German Lines so their coats are a bit longer and thicker.  

As for the shinny coats - not sure, I dont really do anything to them, they hardly ever get baths.  So I would have to contribute to pedigree (Euro) and their diet.

In the am, its Timberwolf Kibble with sardines or salmon added in, about three times a week, some echinacea drops and a dash of garlic.   It does not give the most pleasant breath, but they love it.

For dinner they get whatever raw I am feeding at that time.    

Treats consist of many of things, from cut up beef hearts, to cream cheese kongs, to lfreeze dried liver (bad farts).   However, they do get a pizza crust here and there and a sugar free popsicle.   Gotta live a little - ha ha ha!!!
i heard fish oil makes them shiny, so it could partly be due to the sardines
they are gorgeous!!! My reeko is from german lines and he has the exact same droopy eyes as kash!! by the way nice comforter!!!! I HAVE THE SAME ONE LOL
Awe look at that face! Kash wants a cookie.  They are both beautiful and I love your comforter too!
OMG I'm such a push over, look at those faces!!! I'd be handin' out cookies like crazy :lol:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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