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The Babysitters

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I had to watch my friends grandson, and her son was very leery of the fact that I had big dogs. Well this is how the day went.

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wow, they are beautiful, ekim looks much does he weigh?
Ekim was 95 lbs about 3 months ago, glad to say he is down to 87 and still trying to lose at least 5 more lbs. He is a gentle giant, never jumps, bite, walks without a lead. He is a teddybear. Now Delila is a little " Devil ", but she is only 5 months. I am sure she will learn to be a good girl, but I will never get a dog as good as my Ekim. When I say he is the perfect pet I am not kidding. He never does anything wrong, I know I can't be this lucky a second time.LOL
Very cute Luann!  :D  That's a familiar site around here, kids and boxers are great together!
Very cute!  When I have kids Ekim & Delila will be my first call to babysit!!
So cute!!! Great Pictures!
[quote="Alicia\";p=\"71586":279b99at]Very cute!

Those pics are just precious! I love the last one with Delila's cocked head...too cute!
[quote="lulu\";p=\"71595":20gx58bl][quote="Alicia\";p=\"71586":20gx58bl]Very cute!
Great pictures, Delila looks so innocent in that picture; has to be an angel.
hahaha awwww thats the cutest ! id bet dad wasnt so nervous after the fact lol...

Ekim is huge !! gorgeous !!!! and of course so is Delila
Boxer babysitters, they are the best! Great pics Luann
awww that is too cute...dogs are good babysitter for sure. A friend of mine has a dog that keeps their
toddler in the yard and wont let him wander...if he starts to go to far the dog will nudge him to knock him over!
luann, that is just precious! ekim and delia are  wonderful sitters! your friends grandson is such a cutie!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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