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The Fight Continues - Updated

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So...we are getting pretty nervous. Every night this week, Cori and Cosmo have gotten into a fight. Not just a play fight, mind you, a serious, scary fight. Tonight, Cosmo latched onto her ear and we had to physically remove him. They both drew blood (just a little, but blood nonetheless). We are not sure what started it tonight. I had just given them both a treat for being good puppies (and they had finished them), then I went up stairs. The next thing I know...they are tearing through the house.

Some of you may have seen the post earlier this week by Jeremy (Cosmotion) about this, but we didn't get a lot of response and we are thinking it might not only be food related. Jeremy is at the point where he thinks we might have to give Cori to a friend of ours, just so we can protect them from each other. The thing is, 99% of the time, they are soooo great together! We even caught them spooning this morning!

I'm not ready to give up yet...please help! Have any of your dogs done this? What can we do to prevent it in the first place? Thanks in advance.

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Re: The Fight Continues

Good suggestions from all for you.  I can't really add anything else.  I think your idea of trying no treats for a while and see if that is a difference.  One other thing you could do is have thyroid levels checked on the dogs.  It is a very common health problem in boxers and can be the cause of behavioral issues.  I typically have mine tested every year for this after they reach the age of two unless I notice any changes that might make me check that sooner such as behavioral changes, lethargy and weight gain among other things.

How long have these dogs been together?
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