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The Human Cushion

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Hmm, a pattern is beginning to emerge as to where the dogs most like to sit... no wonder I'm forever black & blue!

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Cute!  Henry doesn't sit on me much.  Rocky did and he weighed 120 pounds! 8O
They are so adorable....those faces, love the brown eye too!  What great pictures!  Ziggi would love to sit up on the couch and be a lap dog but he is just too big, he does come up on the couch and get his morning hug and gives kisses!  :D
Lol Honeyec, we live to serve our babies, huh? Great pics, I got a good laugh over you being used as a cushion..Angel is real good at that also...
Great pictures; Kiah uses me as her pillow also.
Boxers sure love to cuddle!  What's yours is theirs!!  Great pictures :D
LOL....GREAT pictures. I always wondered what the unexplained bruises on my legs were from....I guess it comes along with being a human cushion!
Proof that I'm not the only one this happens to!!!  Cute oix...keep 'em coming!!!

Liz and Lilly
LOL. Those pictures are too cute!  Poe is definitely my lap dog, he's a snuggler.  When I was researching the boxer breed I had someone describe them to me as 80 lb lap dogs lol... I think that was a good description lol. :lol:
That is sooo funny!  Those are great pictures!  My girl is pretty much the same way!  It gets frustrating sometimes when room HAS to be made for her in the tinest of spots.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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