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The new arrival is here!!

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Herbie arrived Friday evening, so as you can guess it has been very busy.  Sleep Friday night was definitely something that I didn't get.  He is adjusting well and after a ton of discussion I just cannot bring myself to change his name, so Herbie it is.  
He is so sweet and a lover (hubby calls him a mamas boy).  Last night was much better in the sleep department and I am sure it will get better everyday.  Maggie is totally loving the companionship and the wrestling.  So here are some pictures
(I have been snapping them all

This was yesterday after a tough day of playing

Ok it was so cute I took like 10 pictures

This was Saturday morning at oh 5 in the morning

Here he is after breakfast
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looks like you made a great two are wresting as i post...they are sooo great together...yours look like they'll be best of friends...and it's sooo cute that they are siblings...adorable pups...and now your name matches your CHAOS~!
thanks aqua.....i am totally loving them, i have signed them both up for training classes and really cannot wait to start!!
Congrats!  He looks wonderful.  Glad they are getting along.  Hope all goes well for you.
Oh my goodness, how cute is that?!

Congratulations on the new addition! :)
Awwwwwww , they are both so cute! I can only hope Chloe and Brodi get along as much as Maggie and Herbie do :)
they look so comfortable can definatley tell they are brother and sister.
Glad to hear the addition of Herbie went smoothly.
Woo Hoo, welcome home Herbie!!! Those are some cute pics and looks like he's fitting in just fine  :)
They are too cute together!  :D
Cute pics!  They look like they get along great.
Adorable! Awww, they look very happy together! What a handsome boy he is, too...they are fun, aren't they?  Enjoy!:)
They are so cute together and they look so much alike, glad to hear they are doing well together.
Awww, they are too cute together! So glad you were able to get Herbie and I know Maggie is too!
they are sooo cute :D looks like had a good day of play to tucker them out!
Awwww, look at them all snuggled together, so happy and too cute  :lol:
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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