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the vet said...

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since the 2 lumps under her skin have not changed at all and are so small,  that I should just  keep a very watchful eye on them (Especially the one on her leg.  Legs can be tricky for some reason .  I thought she said it had to due with the fact that there isn't a lot a skin there to begin with)  She said as long as they don't grow or change, and I can still pick them up and move them around, we should be ok.  I will check them everyday and TRY not to worry about them anymore.  It still bothers me the fact that they are there, but I will just have to keep on top on any changes.  Thanks for your kind words while I was waiting.  They really helped.
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Oh it's good to hear that your vet doesn't feel that anything has to be done about them right away.  I'm sure it's a worry and that you will be watching them.  I hope they just go away on there own and you don't have to worry anymore.  Hang in there and keep us posted.  Such a cute little face sticking out of the blanket.
That is good news.....We will hope they go away...And I agree removing anything on a leg is hard and it is because there is not enough extra skin to come together and stitch back up...they just dont heal great... so you end up trading one bad spot for another one...

Keep an eye on it for growth and feeling of attachment (maybe not EVERYDAY)   :lol:  :lol:  :lol:   But once a week I would check them....

Good luck!!!!!
Thanks, Kate and SharonL  for your support.   It is a relief!  Once a week checks sound like a good plan.
Glad to hear that the vet is not too worried about them. I agree with the bumps on the leg. Buster had a lump removed from his front leg and one from his hind leg.  Both benign, but the fur never did grow back in those areas, so it was like Sharon said, trading one bad spot for another one. Oh these babies just worry us so much!  :wink:
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