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Thinking about becoming a trainer

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Ok, so i have been thinking about obtaining certification to become a dog trainer for a while now and I have a couple questions if anyone knows the answers to it would help me out a lot...first off, does anyone have any recommendations of a good school to get my certification and also, is this something I can make a career out of or does it need to be more of a part time kind of thing?  Thanks guys
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Honestly, rather than going for a certificate, I'd work on putting titles on the dogs you have. I hate to say it, but whether a trainer is a CPDT means nothing to me if they can't work to prove themselves in the obedience rings with the dogs they already have. I've been working with my dogs for approximately 8 years in obedience prepping them for the AKC obedience show rings. I've been around the trainers who are CPDT and I'm never surprised to find that they can't advise even on the simplest of problems. Most times, I find that I'm better prepared to address the issues that they're asked about and I feel that it's largely because I learned from a larger group of people who have actually put training into practice in prepping their own dogs for the rings and proving them by attaining their titles. (And I don't state this to toot my own horn, rather it speaks for the individuals who have given me the honor of learning from them.)

To find a training club that will help you train your dog for the obedience, try a Google search for "all breed training club" and "New York". If you can't locate a club that way, contact a local show breeder (of any breed) who also shows in Obedience and ask where they train.

Good luck, hope this helps!
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