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this is probably stupid but...

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I'm just wondering if any other's male boxer has little mammary glands... dungy does and my other male dogs that i had didnt have them... im just a little confused
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Do you mean teats?  All dogs, male or female have them.
Same reason male humans have them.
I remember when we brought Buck home, I started noticing that as well, I'm not used to dogs, so I didn't know any better either....No such thing as a stupid question, better to ask than not  :)
its just weird cause his are very noticeable and big while i looked at my lab and cant really find any lol... idk if anyone watches Yes Dear, but i am gonna end up like kim and anything i find weird on dungy I am gonna worry lol
all dogs kinda weird that a male dog would have 10-12 tits tho.Maybe one day the males will produce milk to help the females feed the population :lol:
lol, yeah, Bo has them, Buster has them (though a couple of his got ripped off before we got him, ouch), simba has them, but you have to look really hard through all his fur...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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