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This weekend in NEO!

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So what do we have going on this weekend in NorthEast Ohio? I think I'll be taking Medwin and Dahnke to the Massillon Dog park on sat if anyone's interested?
Dahnke needs to work on her socialization skills, and that park is close enough I can take her home if need be and bring Medwin back on his own... He absolutely had a field day last weekend, so I want to keep this trend for him. He was such a good boy! And Dahnke is learning. She also got to spend some time at my mother's with her pups last weekend, where deduced her problem seems to be with females. Only one way to break her of this, and try to work our way up into good socialization skills (especially since the Foster coming next week is female...) (apparently I'm a glutton for punishment, lol)

So...? Any one feel like coming out? I'm flexible on the time, but definitely prefer Saturday :)
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When could you, maybe I can work around your time frame :) Josue said that you foster and rescue, I'd love to meet you and ask you questions. :)
hate making new threads for the same thing...

I'm thinking of taking my mutts out Saturday morning from about 9-11ish (yes A.M., lol)

Anyone interested?

\/ that didn't work...
9 am... my babies don't wake up till 10...they will think I'm crazy! Where you planning on going?
The Massillon Dog Park is near by, but I'll travel further if anyone wants... I have a side job at noon in Macedonia, so I need an hour to travel from home. It get's dark so early now... :(

If you want I'm free all day the 11th for sure and I can come to a closer park to you? (provided the weather holds)
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