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Tink and her baby!

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Otherwise known as Woody, my friend's miniature JRT.  She took a bit of a shine to him and was mothering him all evening...

And yes, that is Hector's leg he was doing his best to grab
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Too cute, it reminds me of  95 lb Ekim playing with my sons 5 lb yorkie. The yorkie is the boss.  Oh i forgot Ekim is no longer 95 lbs he now weighs 87.

That is cute! I guess Tinks maternal instincts really kicked in!  :D
What a sweetheart she is.
Awww, look at Tink playing mother...Eimear did she kinda guard somewhat and keep Hector away? I find that Samson does that a lot :) Nice to see a pic of your babies, it's been awhile...Hint hint :)
Aw, what a good girl she is :D  The JRT looks like a handful :lol:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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