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Tink, Hector & Boru

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Just a few quick picks from last night so you can see how well Boru has settled in.  He really is my big gentle giant.  However, he is also a HUGE greedy guts, so we have to watch him like a hawk when we're feeding them, otherwise he'll just eat everyone else's food as soon as he's finished his own.

Tink & Hector

Boru & Hector

Boru, Hector & a rather precariously balanced Tink...

She's starting to slide...

And Emmet shows that he has a mental age approximately equivalent to hers...
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:rofl: The question i was wanting to ask as i started looking at your pics was "where the heck are you and Emmet supposed to sit?!" And then i see the last one and my question's answered!
So Boru's settled in, plus a bit :wink:  They're all so cute - do your family think you're mad though?
Great pics!  Ha ha at Emmet! :lol:
How's Tink's teef?
Wow, Boru looks huge. His chest looks massive, but I guess that could be the camera angle too. I'm glad the three err...four of them have such a comfy place to rest! :rofl:
His chest is massive, he's a big pudding!

That's just "their" couch in the kitchen... thankfully we do have another, bigger couch in the sitting room.  They even let us sit on it sometimes...
LMAO those are hilarious!!! I loved everyone heaped on top of each other!!
Those pics are so cute!! I must say the one with Emmet is my favorite though! Boru and Hector look ALOT alike
They are so cute on that couch together.  Such a beautiful group
Great pictures!  Happy to hear Boru is settling in nicely!  I can't believe how much him & Hector look alike!  Poor Tink got the boot from the couch!!
im glad they are all getting along..boru is so gorgeous looking..i love him! of course tink and hector are gorgeous too...thank goodness you have another couch..they take that one over.
That last picture with Emmet is the best; they all look comfy except Tink, she looks a bit confused like how did this happen :lol:
omg  :lol: I would like my couch to look like this:D
Boru is so handsome! He's settled in so well! I have to say though Hector and Boru do look very alike!
And as for Emmet!  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl: Tink's face says it all! She's like, "what IS he doing?!"

LOL, I love the pic were Tink is starting to slide off the couch...too funny :lol:
ROTFLMAO....Ok, you answered my question Eimear, I was going to say you need a bigger couch.Poor Tink, that last pic, she has such a look on her face..Those are great and Boru sure looks like he's settled in quite well.....He looks like such a sweetheart..I would snuggle with him anytime :)
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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