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Titan is now 5 months old (21 weeks) and is weighing in at 13.8 kg or 30 lbs. I still think he's a little behind where he should be weight wise but seems happy and full of energy 馃榿 I feed him twice a day, 2 cups of Gain Big dog puppy and some Forthglade 90% meat wet food on top of the dry food . Just wondering roughly how much of a growth spurt will he have between now and 6 months. He still seems pretty short to me for his age but I could also just be imagining this .

Excuse the floor were in the middle of getting a new floor put down 馃檮馃ぃ

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I think every dog is different. Boxers can reach their full size anywhere between 18-24 months. Titan is a good looking boy.

This was my guy at 6 months. He had a growth spurt where is limbs grew faster. lol. He looks like a giraffe. Not sure what his weight was. Didn't keep track of it. Dog Dog breed Comfort Carnivore Liver
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