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Titer question

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Chloe is due for her Lyme and Lepto vaccine. Now I spoke to her vet and she said there is a titer test for lyme but she is not sure there is one for Lepto? I guess not many people have titers down around here. She is waiting on a call back from Cornell to see what they say. Has anyone ever had a titer done on lepto?
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Yes, Chloe has had the lepto vaccine before. But after reading more about vaccines and reactions is when I decided to switch to doing titers especially now that she is older. I got a call back yesterday from the vet, not the same one I previously talked to but he informs me they spoke to Cornell and they can do a titer on Lepto but basically it would be a waste of money because the lepto shot is only good for about 5-6 months and the test would only show that she needs it. This is where it gets confusing... I asked this vet about the lepto cases in our area and he said we have only seen one case of it in our office since last year and that strain wasn't covered with the vaccine. OMG...I specifically asked this when Brodi was in for his shots and this other vet said she highly recommended we get it due to the fact there have been cases in our area that the vaccine covered. I told the vet this and he said that
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