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There has been a lot of discussion about this lately. I belong to another site and it's split about 50/50 whether or not you should neuter....

First of all, don't do it too young, there is a school of thought that a dog that is already a submissive prior to neutering will become even more so afterwards, esp at a young age....Second, it does not always help with aggression, that is a behavior problem & the neuter will not help..Third, if it's broke, don't fix it..My Buck did not wander, was never aggressive, never marked in the house so we made the decision to keep him intact.

As far as hating you? That is rather lame if you ask me.. The reason we didn't have Buck neutered was basically the same as what you stated about yourself, you wouldn't want it done to you. My ex was very adamant about that, but we never had any issues, so it was fine...Having said that,if we had, I would have done it without his consent..I feel that strongly about it...

When I lived in Ireland, my friend had a year old male boxer and was going thru the same dilema and I asked her the same questions that I'm asking you, does he wander, has he shown any aggression to other animals? If the answer is no & there are no medical issues and he is not around an intact female, I would leave him be for now....

I'll get off my soapbox now,,Hope this was some help to you
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