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To neuter or not to neuter

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Atticus' testicles have still not descended at four months of age.  The vet told us that if we want to have him neutered with undescended testicles it will run us $350 instead of $180.  So, I have two questions, one that is mostly wishful thinking... i.e., if they're not descended, are they "inactive?"   Two, if the answer to number one is "no," exactly what differences are exhibited between neutered and non-neutered dogs?  I've only had female dogs up to now, so really don't know what to expect.  The likelihood of him impregnating another dog is virtually nil, btw.  Then again, that is now and who the hell really knows what the future holds.
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I think it depends on the dog's behavior and the owner's personal preferance.  Undescended testicles still "work", as far as I know.  I've never had female dogs, and the boys have all been just fine, "fixed" or not.  I have not noticed any big differences in behavior.  My last two pups were neutered because they came from SPCAs and it is required.
That's all I know.  Not much help now that I think about it. :?
Zhanna\";p=\"26706 said:
I have not noticed any big differences in behavior.  Not much help now that I think about it. :?
That was really what I was asking, so it was indeed of great help to me.  

Yes it is true that retained testicles will still be active.  But, at 4 months it is possible that they will still come down.  I would wait until he is at least 6 months old and then see if you are still having the issue. Many of male parts have still come down between 4 and 7 months.

If the testicles (both or one) stay retained (cryptorchidism) .  I would have a orchidectomy done.  This is where they go in and remove them (retained one or both).  The MAJOR reason for this is that it has been found that a testicle that remains within the body can become a mass and/or cancerous.

Hope that helps.
My rescue baby had one undescended testicle.   He went into foster care at around a year old and the vet that works with the rescue group performed an orchidectomy for the same reason stated by sharon.  

I have had both neutered and unneutered males and haven't really noticed any difference in behavior.
Do they still give dogs vitamin E to help them descend?  I know about 10 years ago, that's what the vet has us do with our great dane.  Maybe look into that.
I agree with what's been said here - the testicles may still come down, they will still be producing sperm, and if they remain undescended they are 13.6 times more likely to become cancerous.  (This does not mean you need to neuter him now, or right at six months; there are reasons to delay neutering, and the treatment for testicular cancer is neutering in any case - it doesn't usually spread - but if they don't descend, I personally would recommend neutering after 18 months or two years of age.)  

I mentioned health risks for spay/neuter that are generally ignored; here's an article that is exceptionally well-researched and balanced, giving both the benefits and risks of spay/neuter: ... InDogs.pdf
Ok here is my thought on the spay/neuter.

If you are getting a "Pet" puppy from a breeder it should be mandatory based on the fact that if the dogs is not a dog enough or a representation of the breed, then it should not be bred, and therefor breeder should place pup in new home with limited registration and a spay/neuter contract.   Then upon proff of s/n then all papers (AKC) will be furnished.

Both my dogs have spay /neuters, and the reasoning behind it is that the breeder worked hard on the lines, and therefore does not need someone to breed one of her pet puppies to some unknown and therefore taint her lines.   A lot of work goes into a solid pedigree and it literally takes one pup into a bad unresponsible home to ruin it.    

However if you do your research, there are studies out there that say neutering after 18 months or after the joints stop growing is beneficial to the dog esp if you are going to compete in agility or any other high energy event.    So using my research, I decided to ask my breeder for an extension from 6 months to 18 months given my reason and she agreed, said it was fine.

Breeders who do not respect the pedigree they are creating are the ones who will sell a pup to anyone and on full registration.    I know many of great breeders who sell full reg. show prospects to the right homes, and often to get one of those pups, adopting a kid maybe easier.    Some people have been working ont their lines for over 20 years.  Its one mistake that could hurt and ruin their rep.

So I am all for on "Pet" pups a s/n clause.
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What is the reccommended age to Neuter also?  I have heard many different answers.  Does it vary on the breed?
it doesnt really vary between the breed, i think it more depends on the vet. Some vets like neutering early, some prefer to wait until they are older. Males i would do before 6months stictly because it could help with marking issues
Chloesmom\";p=\"26791 said:
Males i would do before 6months stictly because it could help with marking issues
Also dogs who have an undecended testical should def be fixed because this is a genetic disorder.   Many dogs can be show prospects, and then have one nuggest that did not drop, and they will be fixed and become pet puppies.
Our Boxer Oscar had one decended testicle and our vet pretty much said it was a must to have him neutered.  Too many problems can occur later if you dont.  I hear you on the expense. We also had to wait untill he was almost a year old because he had pnemonia for so long and they wanted him to be good and healthy.
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