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Hello everyone.  I love this website I've been on here alot just trying to get as much information as possible.  My wife and I are really excited about getting Indi in May.  We've been doing alot of research and reading trying to be as prepared as possible for when we bring her home in May.  This is going to be our first dog and we were pumped but after reading all of your comments about how much you guys love your boxers we're really pumped !  

We would like to know:

-Ten things we must have before we bring her home

-Ten things to expect that we don't expect already

We think we have a good idea of what we need but there might be something that we haven't heard or read that you guys can help us with as far as advice.  

THANK YOU so much

Reggie and Lynn

dog bowls
dog food she is currently being fed
new dog food if you want to switch
bell to hang on door to teach her to ring it to go outside
puppy toys
puppy nylabone for chewing
pooper scooper
treats- don't give until a little older than 8 weeks though

1. lots of puppy kisses
2.  Puppy breath- very fowl
3. a VERY active puppy who wants to be near you ALL the time
4. short attention spans (5-10 minute training sessions)
5.  leash her to  you when out of crate
6.  expect to say go potty or go peepee or something outside...and sometimes people will hear you!
7. getting excited over a poopie outside!
8.  if UTI develops...try catching urine as it's coming out just centimeters above the ground!
9. funny looks from people as you talk to your pup like it's your baby
10.  lots of love!

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puppy proof shoe storage
plenty of sleep under your belt prior to puppy pick up
a lot of patience :)
yogurt for the gas issue lol
a comfy pad for the crate
doggy bags (sandwich fold over bags work just as fine, and are WAY cheaper)
a semi small garbage can with a good lid (pop up type) to throw the poopy bags into (prevents the smell from saturating your yard)

to expect:
lack of sleep
to be licked from head to toe
to be caught of guard by a jumping bean of a puppy ha ha
to not be able to cuddle your spouse anymore in the middle of the day (the puppy comes first now lol)
interrupted kisses passed between spouses (puppy will get in the middle)
lack of energy for marital consummation lol
more snoring sources  :lol:
weight loss (due to walks and puppy chasing)

it's a blast and I'm sure you guys will love it, can't wait to see pics of the new baby!
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