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toy funny for you all!

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My husband recently bought Mia a new toy. Its a long bone shaped toy with a handle on the end for tugging. The guy at the pet store said this certain company tested their toys on siberian tigers. Intrigued, my husband HAD to buy it,especially since toys dont last that long around our house when Mia gets ahold of them! So he brought it home & gave it to them, right away Mia takes the lead & is teasing the other dogs with it. About 10 minutes later he looks down & sure enough,she has ripped a big ol' hole in it!! It feels like its one of those fire hose toys, really sturdy & strong but apparently they need to do their quality assurance with Mia or other boxers!! The sales clerk told my husband that if our dogs tore it up he would buy it back. I'm taking it back on my offdays, I can't wait to see his face!! I'm gonna take my little siberian tiger with me too!!!!!
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hehe...niether of mine are destructive thank goodness...they are just now starting to ruin jetta's little plushie puppy toys that are like toy poodle sizecd..
lol, I'm amazed at how long any toy lasts with Milla, I gave her some plushie toys and they are all still 100% intact. I bought her this "indestructible" bone and she sniffs at it and rather attacks her plushie soccer ball.
I understand how that goes.  Duke rips through everything.  We buy new toys every 2 weeks , and not the stuffed ones either we by the hard plastic ones.  I do have to say that the Kong frisbee is great bc he loves to play frisbee but always destroys them and this is the first one that he cant!
Wow!  Now that is some destruction! :lol:
Rocky would destroy stuff a lot, but Henry doesn't.
Diesel is really hard on his toys now as well. All the new ones get ripped within days with him and chyna tugging on them. But the ones from when he was a puppy are still pristine. He's got this little bitty squeaky stuffed money that would be perfectly sized for a chihuahua. He carries that one around by the string loop on the top. He wont play with it, just walks around with it. Guess he's fond of his baby toys. lol
lol, thats funny, Milla also takes some of her toys and shows off with it, just prances around with it in her mouth.
Angel is pretty hard on toys as well, so I have cut back on buyin gthe plush toys as she just makes mincemeat out of them..Now it's more rubber balls and such...Cuz toys & Ruffians are REALLY good  :)
"Tested on siberian tigers"    lol

Imagine having that job as toy-tester!

That's a great gotta give the guy credit, he made the sale.
Kiah is doing better with her toys and not destroying as many as she did when I first got her.
Tyson loves plush toys, but he has them torn apart within 10 minutes.  He plays with those so much more then the hard toys.  I am sucker for buying what he really likes, but he goes through them soooo fast.  I end up running around the house picking up all the stuffing!
Patch destroys some stuff, mainly hard plastic things.. his plush toys last awhile as he likes to throw them and have us throw them...
All of our plush toys are gone in a matter of a few minutes! I think each time they are trying to beat their prior record of getting the Stuffing and squeaker out! The Cuz toys are excellent, they have been around since xmas and are still intact with squeakers. I need to find out about where to get the ruffians that Willow was talking about...
Dana, check out care-a-lot pets, good prices and great selection
samsonsmom\";p=\"67910 said:
Dana, check out care-a-lot pets, good prices and great selection
i love care a lot ! we order lots of stuff from there too!!!
48Dodge\";p=\"67754 said:
Are you sure they aren't tested on Tamil Tigers? ... pic&t=5700
oh you got me on that one! I had to go back & read it!! Too funny!
love the whole "tested on tigers" part....don't they know we've got BOXERS????  sheeesh!! I agree about the Kong frisbees, they are a dream come true!  Bruce loves to play frisbee but the real ones end up hurting his teeth because he catches them so hard, and the soft doggie ones don't fly right so they annoy him....the kong one flies like a real frisbee but is gentle on his if I can just get him to realize the big football isn't his we'll be doing great!
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