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Toys for multiple dogs?

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Ok, to all of you multiple dog owners out do you keep track of what toy is for each specific dog, or do they share all the toys with each other?  Jetta is very gentle with her toys and has not destroyed anything yet...however the 10 month old we are getting today, the previous owner said he destroys toys so fast they have given up on toys...I dont really want him to ruin all of jetta's there a way to give certain toys to each dog?  Also, Jetta has puppy toys, stuffed animals, and small toys that could potentially be swallowed by a larger dog...what do I do to make sure he does not swallow her toys?
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I would keep the toys up for awhile, at least until you can see how the puppy will treat them.  You don't want him choking on a toy.  With Jetta being so gentle with all her toys you probably don't think anything about them being left out!  :D    The puppy will have to learn what toys are his and what he needs to leave least you can try that!  8O  :D   When we had three one of them loved squeaky toys, they other two could have cared less about them so there was no problem there but they ALL loved chewies/rawhides so we had to make sure they were well supervised when they had those, we always gave each dog a chewy and put one extra in the room because there was alot of swapping going on with the chewies and it helped to have an extra one laying there to keep order!  

Now with the two we have I always try to get two of the same toys but Teaki (our squeaky lover) will take Ziggi's toy and break it then go take the one that was hers to begin with away from him and play with that.  She is a little stinker.  

Ziggi on the other hand has bitten a hole into a fully inflated basketball and carried it around but will carry around balloons by the tab and play with them for hours without busting them!  8O
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Our dogs share toys.  If we get Duke something that can be easily tore apart we tell Tabs (our lab mix, big time chewer) that its not hers and give her a toy we bought just for her.  But her toys usually become Dukes because she teases him with it and then they wrestle for it, so I figure if she is going to tease him then he as every right to fight for it.  But we usually try to buy toys that will work for both, so toys that take a while to tear apart.  The kong, or toys that say for strong chewers.  I hope this helps.
My two share all the toys.  It doesn't matter which toy I give to which dog, they mostly play tug-o-war with them, or Kane just gets them all out and leaves them laying around and if Sophie picks one up, he runs over and takes it away.  Two days ago I put all of their toys up because all they want to do is get them out and throw them all over the room and then they aren't interested in them at all.  They are just part of their obstacle course.  Now that they have had them taken away for a couple of days and I am giving them back a couple at a time.  They are actually playing with them again.  I think they just had too many and it was becoming an obsession for Kane to just scatter them all over.  Good luck with trying to have them act like children - they aren't they are dogs lol.
We don't have specific toys. They all are in the toy box and are available to who ever wants them, which is mainly Angel of course...If you think it's going to be an issue, I'd put them all up for now
Ours share...if your new baby destroys them, get a few good tough toys for them to share and Jetta will have to have her won special toys, the ones you new baby destroys, just for her crate time.
Abby loves her stuffed animals, but Brady prefers the stuffing to be all over the ground rather than inside unfortuantely Abby only gets those toys while in her crate, where he can't get at them. Sad bc she used to carry her teddy all over the house with her and use it as a pillow. Now she has to carry a hard rubber toy around.
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