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Training suggestions

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Im training Nero pretty well so far but im not sure what is a good and useful things to train him so far we have sit stand down heel and stay (stay and heel is a work in progress) he already comes when i call him house broken and crate trained to an extent. My question here is what have you found useful or fun as the dog grows older.

I have one other question is that if i leave him for any period of time such as take a shower when he is alone he will go to the bathroom in the house everytime is there  a way to break that at all? other then being un attended he is house broken and will let me know when he wants to go out and everything.
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The more you take him outside and he learns thats where he has to go you can leave him longer and longer. Hondo is at the point now where we can leave him loose all night and don't have to worry about him useing it in the house. It does take a while though, Hondo is 7 mo. old.
For the potty thing--- Rodimus did this too.. I just put him in the bathroom with me( with the door shut) and he was fine.. then I left the door open to our bathroom but closed the bedroom door( so he could go in either room)... just did this for about 2 weeks and then he was fine.. now I can just leave him anywhere.. but he always seems to lay on the bathroom carpet waiting for me.  Hope this helps--
There are 2 Sticky topics on recall which is the hardest to learn, but could be the most important command..Recall is an ongoing lesson and one of the topics actually has a game you can play as well...Mine both know "sit", "wait" and "leave it"..You teach "leave it" with pieces of food, I put Samson & Angel in a "sit", then drop a piece of food onthe floor in front of them, then repeat "leave it". Lengthen the amount of time he has to wait, then I release by saying "ok"....

As far as when you are out of the room, like taking a shower or something, you have a couple options, either crate him, or like was already said, take him with you in the bathroom...Samson loves being near me, so he always lays on the rug in front of the shower, then makes me step over him... :lol: I actually crated Angel when I was showering, it was easier until I trusted her better, but she likes the crate so no issues
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I have been just throwing him int he bathroom with me, but the only problem there is my bathroom is a glorified closet to put it nicely so him and me in there is a tight fit! i usually leave him out durring the night especially when he has been in his crate for a while and typically he just curls up and sleeps next to me.

Leave it is a good idea i forgot about that one! but i will give im credit he is pretty smart and picks things up after about 2-3 days of strating the training :)

but thanks for the advice ill try working on some of it
Keep your training sessions short, like 10 max at a time..Boxers get bored easily, so switch up commands, do a sit, leave it, wait, come, you get the idea....they don't do well with repeating the same command over and over...
lol well me and Nero will do fine then cause usually when i train him its only for going through the commands he knows once maybe twice depending on how well he does then working on a new one, but i get bored with it pretty easily but i am proud when he gets something!

My friends make fun of me and call him my little child cause i treat him like one! but wouldn't trade him for anything in the world!
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