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Treat Fixation

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So I can't get my little white boy to do anything for a treat but sit.... HE STARES AT THE TREAT OR THE HAND HE THINKS its in... SO all he does is sit stare blow bubbles and drool all over the floor.... I just don't know what to do .. I even try to use my older fawn to show him what I want... I will ask Brannon to sit and I give him a treat and then I ask Brannon to Lay and I give him a treat... But all Winston does it stare at the treat... Any ideas???? Winston is very stubborn and I can work with that on some levels... But this staring at the treat and not doing anything is making me crazy!!! So any suggestions are welcome.

***edit** I forgot to add something...

The other thing he does is if I am trying to work with him on Lay down when I take the treat near his nose and then down towards the floor as I get close to the floor he stands up so his head is closer... Any thoughts??
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I had the hardest time with Angel teaching "sit", show dogs are not taught that command. I think it took me well over a month..Now she sits soo pretty anytime I go into the kitchen :lol: If he's that fixated on treats, use that to your advantage, teach "leave it"...lay a treat on the floor very close to you, wave your hand over the top of it and repeat "leave it", keep waving your hand..If he breaks his sit, scoop up the treat and start again..Keep sessions short tho...Teaching "down" was always hard for me, mine have never mastered that, but they do "wait" very well :)
Glad to hear you are seeeing some progress, that is awesome.... :)
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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