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Treat Fixation

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So I can't get my little white boy to do anything for a treat but sit.... HE STARES AT THE TREAT OR THE HAND HE THINKS its in... SO all he does is sit stare blow bubbles and drool all over the floor.... I just don't know what to do .. I even try to use my older fawn to show him what I want... I will ask Brannon to sit and I give him a treat and then I ask Brannon to Lay and I give him a treat... But all Winston does it stare at the treat... Any ideas???? Winston is very stubborn and I can work with that on some levels... But this staring at the treat and not doing anything is making me crazy!!! So any suggestions are welcome.

***edit** I forgot to add something...

The other thing he does is if I am trying to work with him on Lay down when I take the treat near his nose and then down towards the floor as I get close to the floor he stands up so his head is closer... Any thoughts??
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I want to say thank you so much for the suggestions... I started as soon as suggestions came in... I tried holding him bum in place so he could not pop up and the was the first time he actually went into a down! :D ! :D ! :D ! This was also right after he had eaten for the most part. So both of these suggestions worked. Thank you. I am also going to try using the fixation to my advantage with "leave it" . It had never even occurred to me to use this to my advantage... I am hoping that on Sundays when my husband is home we can start working with the dogs together on training so they are each getting some one on one work... But I was so excited he actually "down" like 6-8 times I was crazy happy for him... We are also going to start working with no jumping as people come in the door. I feel like I have some training confidence again. Thank you all for the suggestions. I will keep you updated as we progress with this "down" situation!!!!!!!!!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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