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I was just wondering what kind of treats you guys give your dogs and find they really like. I need to make a run to the petstore this week so i thought id get some ideas and people in the US hear about things before we get them over here. Right now i get zukes for maverick and he likes them but i like to switch things up because he loses interest and wont do his commands all the time if he doesnt like the treat. besides zukes he likes the not so good for you treats like bil-jack, milk bones, etc. ive tried cheese but i think he has an allergy or something because he turned bright pink last time i gave him some. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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Henry loves Zukes!
Nutro also makes healthy treats.  They have ones that look like peperoni sticks that you break into bits.  They also have ones that look like little pieces of jerky.  Rocky used to really like the jerky kind and Henry likes the peperoni kind.  Those are the only ones we use.

Oh!  As far as cookies go, the Tractor Supply Co. here has some "home made" cookies that Henry just loves too.  They are called Pet Pleasers premium natural dog cookies.  They come in flavors like apple, pumpkin, and cheddar-bacon.
Treats, I use a lot of my own - since I feed about 75% raw I used Cubed beef as treats as well as some cheese bits.

For a holitic treat - I used dehydrated chix jerky, or free range dog products make a great dehy. chix wrapped fruits or sweet potato.   Zukes are great as well as Wellness Jerky and Solid Gold Jerky.  

I find I can use cut up apples. banana's and what not ,they they are not as processed as some of the store treats.  Also I make my own peanut butter cookies.   About half the cost to produce more if you were buying in the store!!!

Good luck!!
Zukes are good but they get hard if not used soon.  All the Wellness treats I've tried are great, I like the "Wellbars" because they come in these really big boxes and I found them for like $5 at a local store.  They come in different flavors. The Wellness Pure Rewards vension treats are more moist and were a big hit.  I have to rotate treats because Oggie gets bored of them.  I found these chicken with bananas treats that Target sells under their own "Pet Essentials" brand, and he loves them.  The ingredients just say chicken and banana which doesn't really tell you exactly what kind of chicken, so it's hard to say how unhealthy they are.  

I use cut up apples and bananas too.
I also make a lot of my own dog treats as well..There are some recipes in the Nutrition section...The muffins are REALLY good  :) The treats that Heather included in our stockings are really great. I also used to use Authority treats when I was taking Samson to class, they had a venision blend that he really loved....The cut up apples and such is really good as well.....
when you make muffins and cookies how long do they last? must they be eaten within a few days or else go stale? I wouldnt mind making my own treats if they lasted a while and i could make some to store for a week or 2 worth of treats
Freeze them...I keep a couple different kinds in the freezer, then pull out a few at a time to keep in the frig.The muffins work best if you can find those mini muffin tins, that way you don't have to break them apart, or in my case cut in half for my 2
Kiah loves the Sams Yams veggie rawhide sweet potatoe chews.  I like the Zukes salmon mini naturals for training and obedience class.
I use Wellness treats, very good because they use a lot of fruit and natural products.
I use California natural treat bars...I use EVO treat bars, Zukes minis and the ones that are like a dry filet of beef that you break pieces off of...I use the ones Heather sent...but my dogs will eat just about any treat...Bo especially
My two love Sams Yams Sweet Potatoe Chews although they are kind of hard for Sophie to eat because Kane always steals them from her.  I also buy tons of Buddy Biscuits - Roasted Chicken Madness - soft and chewy treats.  They are made with natural ingredients and small and soft - very good for reward treats.
for training.. we use cherios.. Fergus loves them, and will do anything for even just one.. haha.  We also use some small treats from our local, Natural Pet Food store that sells them in bulk.. They're little biscuits, that are a chicken liver base.  I usually break them in half for 2 one inch square treats, that I use mainly when we're walking, and I reward him for good "heel".. or other good behaviour.
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