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Trip to K-Mart...Warning: This is a VENT!!!

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Last night, I took Lilly for a later night run to K-Mart.  We needed to pick up diapers and what not necessities.  So Lilly's doing what she does best (drawing unnecessary attention to us by looking cute) and ppl are stopping me to ask me what kind of dog she is and such when I decide to escape and make a beeline for the register (I get ppl overload and feel the need to escape...very difficult to deal with ppl when you're hearing impaired and they won't SHUT UP!!!!).  

So we get to the register when some idiot guy asked me if she bites.  I didn't hear him so he gets more snotty and yells at me, "If that dog bites me I'm gonna sue you for every penny I can get out of your Haolie a**!"

Now...I'm a pretty patient person and I have a reasonable tolerance level for stupidity, but this was way beyond all of my "normal" tolerance levels.  

I politely told him that Lilly is a service dog and that service dogs are chosen for their temperament and disposition with ppl and other animals and that she DOES NOT BITE!!!  

He again yells, "I don't care what you say...If she bites me or growls at me, I'm sueing you!"  

This is when it dawns on me that his behavior is kinda irregular and that he is moving in a manner (directed at Lilly and/or both of lunging [small kine], raised voice at me, jerky arm movements at both of us) that is aggressive.  Almost like he was trying to set her off (the only thing he was doing was setting me off and setting me off is WAY more dangerous).  

Being that he was about three feet in front of us and I had to pass him to get to my register of choice (where a girl I know was working the register and waiting on us) I had to pass him to get to this register.  

So I put Lilly into a heel on my right and we pass him on his right side.  Know what that wacky bas**** does to my girl?  He whacks her on her bum.  The "crack" was hard enough for me to hear the pop noise it made and Lilly dam* near killed me when she startled.  OMG...Thank G*d the manager (a friend and former client) was right there!!!!!  He called security and the police and explained to the guy that harrasing a disbled person and a service dog is a FEDERAL offense and that the police had been called and that a report would be made and that he knew me well enough to know that I would file charges.  OMG...Guy bolted (he was unrestrained) out the front door.  It took the police three more minutes before they got there (freaking slow pokes!!!)  I still filed a report and several ppl acted as witnesses on our behalf (everybody knows Lilly and LOVES her and knows she wouldn't bite...even if/when provoked), but I doubt anything will be done.  I really doubt he'll be going to that K-Mart again though.

This was a true test of Lilly's nature and training and aside from her startling (I can't blame her for that) she passed the "test" with flying colors...

That guy is lucky I didn't kill him though!!!  He better pray I don't see him in public again though!  I'll kick his whacky cracky butt!!!!!

Sry for the book, but I needed to vent!!!
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WOW...what a freak. If someone started that with me he would have gotten a beat down lol. My boyfriend would go CRAZY if someone ever hit his dog and he is a big guy. I admire the both of you for being able to keep your cool. I hope he is found and has to pay for being such a terrible person. I hope you and lily are ok though.
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