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ok guys i just had to share this with everyone!! i went to the petstore today to pick some stuff up, and naturally the girls came with. Well we were browsing the store when i noticed a a mess on the floor, well i went to find an employee when someone just stepped right in the middle!! oh that was just gross, and this person wasnt even embarrassed about it~ just scooted her foot and smeared it EVERYWHERE. now this isnt even the funny part. I find an employee and they give the look like it was my dogs. i shrugged it off and went to check out. well the cashier asked me what kind of dogs they were, and i told him they were both boxers. He looked me dead in the eye and with a VERY straight face and said "we dont get many of those dogs in here, we mostly get boxer terriers. Those boxer terriers are so much smaller than yours boxers....maybe they are mini's!!"  :lol: i had a look of shock on my face. I asked if he meant a BOSTON terrier and he was adament that he was talking about a "boxer terrier" i just gave up, got my reciept and left.

I figure we always have those crappy run-ins with people assuming things about our babies (they are mean, or they are pits, ect...ect...) i would share this one story that is the polar opposite!!
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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