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Trouble with basic commands

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Hey guys, just a quick question.  I'm teaching Oggie some basic commands like sit, stay, lay down, etc etc.   It definitely takes some work.  I was trying to teach him "stay" last night, by having him sit then saying "say" then leaving the room for 5 seconds.  Then praising him for staying, then leaving for gradually longer, and so forth.  Anyway, he eventually gets into this phase of protest whenever I try to make him do something he doesn't want to do.  Best I can describe it as barking at me, jumping up and down with his front half, then almost stamping his front paws onto the floor in front of my feet, and all the while he's almost jumping back.  If I try to move forward he retreats a bit, but all the while barking.  If I keep saying "no" or "sit" it just excites him more and he won't stop protesting.  I try to snap him out of it with a quick "bite" (fingers) to the neck but it's almost like I have to look away and let him be.   What's the best way to deal with this behavior?

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How long are your training sessions? With puppies, you really need to keep them short and boxers don't do well with repition...Repeat the command maybe 3 times max, then move on to another, jump around a bit, make it interesting. Oggie is definitely protesting, which is why I was wonderiing how long your sessions are, it may be that he's bored..But when he acts up, you need to take control, stop the training session and maybe do a "time out" for a minute..Have him sit at your side or something..He's wanting his way, not wanting to listen to you...This isn't my area of expertise(not sure what is exactly  :lol: ), but I'm sure others may have some better advice....
Yeah thats a good point.  I do try to keep the sessions short, probably because I have less of an attention span than a puppy!  No but seriously it's possible I did it too many times, I tried it probably a dozen times because I felt like I was making no progress.  But actually now that I think about it he did stay more than usual so we probably did make progress.   That protesting behavior bothers me though, he'll do it sometimes when I'm telling him not to bite on furniture or something.  I think you're right though, it does come off as frustration.  I'm afraid if I take a break by walking away, he's going to think he's winning and becoming dominant.  What's the best way to do a timeout?
The stay command is hard for a puppy because they want to follow the action (or you).   Sounds like you are doing a good job.  Just do as Willow says and keep it short and fun.  The fact that you can get up and move out the door tells me Oggie is doing pretty good at it already.  Congrats on his training!!!
Advice from a professional dog trainer:

Do Not Leave The Room after putting any dog in a stay!!!!  

When you teach a stay and immediately jump into advance behaviors (always start at the lowest level and build up, your starting at the highest level [even tho the time span is short]) you are setting your dog up for FAILURE!!!!  If you continue to do this, your dog is going to become frustrated and not want to train, and then your gonna be in a whole new world of hurt!!!  Go slow and build up to the big stuff.  That will build your dogs confidence in you and themselves and set you up for current and future success!!

When training a stay you must go SLOW!!!  Put them in the position of choice, give the stay command count to 5 and then praise/reward.  Dont walk away!  As they get better at it (over several days/weeks) progressively lengthen the time and amount of space between your dog.

If done right you can teach your dog a decent stay within 2 weeks and a solid stay within1-1.5 mths.

Stay takes a LOT of time and patience!!!  

Good luck...Hope this helps...Feel free to ask more questions...

***This post is not meant to offend.  It is for educational purposes only.***
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Also...Training should NEVER have harsh physical corrections (to include these bites you're refering to).  Make it pleasant.  You want him to learn to LOVE training cuz its fun!!!!  

If he isnt focused or he doesnt want to do it or he just isnt getting the idea then its YOUR FAULT!!  YOU need to alter your training method because something you're doing isnt working for him.  Try another method.  Always make training postive and fun, he may just be getting bored.

If he just isnt into it, then stop the session and do something else like play a game or something and then bring him back into it.  Try using play training.  

Always start the session with something positive, like a game, and end with something positive, like a game.

***This post isnt meant to offend.  It is for educational purposes only.***
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Something else that I found helpful is to use hand signals as well. With mine, "sit" means I reach over their head, "wait" is one finger pointed up, "stay" is my palm up....Mine seem to respond better to hand signals actually, but I combine both..A "leave it" is putting the hand over the item and it works!!!
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