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tucker had his 2nd vet appt today!

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He's a whopping 18.5lbs! He has gained 4.5lbs within the past 2 weeks! goodness gracious! He was a super star with getting his shots, just ate his cookies and didn't even flinch... oh I love him!

We go back the first week of jan to get his rabies, and she is also going to vaccinate him against Lymes because he goes out to the barn... and our tick population here is outrageous... My personal doctor said more than 75% of my county (people wise) have lymes disease, half of them don't even know it. I heard from another source it actually is about 90% of our county. Apparently its an epidemic around here... I actually just got my 2nd blood test done last week, one dr is positive I have it... The other just isn't sure... Hopefully Ill find out next wed... I surely dont want little tuck to go through what I'm going through! its very just... annoying I guess you could say (Im drinking coffee on the hour every hour to stay awake!)

But tucker is a happy healthy baby boy! He did end up burping up his water this morning, but he had just drank it and he was hopping down the stairs to go outside... It seemed to have just come out as he was hopping down--- no heaves... But temp was normal and so was everything else! :) Im still worried something is going to go wrong, but its in my blood to worry (my grandmother wouldn't even take left hand turns because it was going across traffic)... So thats what I keep telling myself hahaha

hope everyone has a great week!  :-h
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He sure is growing, glad everything is healthy with him.  I got Kiah the Lymes shot also, just to be on the safe side.  It seems every year it gets worse here.
[quote="kiahsmom\";p=\"57523":30xulujo]He sure is growing, glad everything is healthy with him.
I've probably got Lyme's disease because I'm a hunter and I'm in the field quite a bit.  Wonder if there is a shot for humans!  But, if you read statistics online, very few people actually have lymes disease.  I think when I researched it, it was around 1-2%.
Glad his trip to the vet went well and it sounds like he is growing leaps and bounds
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