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Tuckers first beach experience! (pic heavy)

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So finally with the night im having I am able to post tuckers first experience at the beach------- at 1:30am... grrr

but anyway here area few of the cute ones!


Majestic puppy

grrr! Im so mad I had the shutter speed set too high! this one would have been my favorite!

and last but not least--- the feather that wouldn't move... however it seemed to be the best thing that happened to him all day! lol!

also a question:
Does anyone think that any one of these pictures is good enough to get made into one of those picture throws? I dont know if you guys know what Im talking about, but there is a store in the mall that will take your photograph and turn it into a throw for a couch or bed. I want to make sure im not using your everyday run-of-the-mill photograph since these things do cost $$$$ lol. I was also thinking about making a pop art type of design for it... Just cant decide. A photo throw would go with my apartment better lol
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I think the third photo is amazing, that would be so pretty for a throw. Its quite a stunning picture.
I really like all the photos youve taken of Tucker and also i like the one you put up a while ago it was black and white. I know the throws you are talking about and they are a bit pricey. I wanted to get one made as well for my mom but im looking for this one special pic to get done for her lol. Out of these ones i like the second one with the ocean in the back or the third one which is close up.
Great pics!
I like the second one also because of the water in the background.
Those are lovely!!! I like the close up the best, that would make the prettiest picture :)
I love them all.  The 2nd and 3rd pictures are beautiful.  I haven't seen the throws you are talking about, but my sister's kids made a quilt for her with pictures in blocks (about 9 of them) of special family events that is just beautiful.  All your pictures are great.
Beautiful pics! I like the 2nd and 3rd pics for a throw. The scenery is gorgeous.
I think the 3rd picture is best and think it would beautiful on a throw.  A quilt would be easy to do, they have fabric sheets that are treated that you can put through your inkjet printer.
I had a throw made of Ekim, they are beautiful. Personally I love the first photo, beautiful beach backround and great photo of the dog
I like the 3rd one tooo!! That feather pic just put a smile on my face!!! Also I saw that walmarts are now doing the throws around here!! Try checking them out it may be cheaper!! I know our malls stores are rediculous!
thanks all! yea I agree either 2 or 3 but I think im going to go with #2 because as you all said the water is in the background... i think it makes for a better throw :)

I think im going to blow up number 3 and get it printed on matte paper to 17X21 hopefully (if that is even a size) I just want to get it as big as I can. Then matte it and probably have to get it professionally framed :? which again is going to cost me money... but it would look SOOOOO good in the middle of my living room wall in between two other 8X10 photos

also If you wouldnt mind im going to post a picture of the pop art design I made and if you guys wouldnt mind do you think you could let me know if it would make a good throw. I still like #2 I just want opinions on them all since as Ive said before these things arent cheap lol

thanks again everyone!
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here is the pop art design I just dont know what kind of a throw this would make...
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actually its much larger than that... It took my computer about 3 mins to load this page and im on Cable... That picture is much larger than that lol
SummerLuv\";p=\"61802 said:
actually its much larger than that... It took my computer about 3 mins to load this page and im on Cable... That picture is much larger than that lol
oh wow really? ill have to shrink it down sorry about that!  :lol:
I think that would make a great poster actually.I'd like to go something like that with all my babies pics in it..
That is soo neat! i love pop art pic, i agree that the second or third would make a lovely throw as well :D
thanks all! yea i think im going to print out the pop art one as a poster that sounds like a fabulous idea!

and if any of you want one just send me a photo (preferably a head shot--- large file size so you can print out the poster without distorting the image) and I can make you one. It might take me a couple of days to complete... that one took me about 3 or 4 hours to do. I have a 6 hour car ride on friday so if you send it to me before then I can work on it during the car ride :). I would also need to know your choice of colors.

You would have to find a printing shop though that will print it out because if I did it for you I would have to charge you :(
I like the third picture the best too! Some of him standing on the beach are great... but I'd take out the leash... so he looks free roam.
i think the pop art picture would make a great poster rather than a throw. looks just like the andy warhall of marylin sp sucks tho, sorry.
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