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Tummy sag after pregnancy?

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Hi everyone...I'm considering to breed my little Gaby in a year or two and was wondering how much tummy sag I can expect to see as well as nipple exposure if any at all?
I'm hopping there wont be any or very little because I like the nice trim look she has now.  But more then likely I will breed her and keep a pup or two, and then have her spayed.
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im not sure but all i have read is that boxers shouldnt be bred until about 2 years old at least and have health testing done.
Donya\";p=\"71351 said:
im not sure but all i have read is that boxers shouldnt be bred until about 2 years old at least and have health testing done.
I was not aware of this...I'm gonna look into it some more; thanks for the tip Donya :D ... pic&t=3684

the above thread has good info on breeding as well as all the stickies in the breeder section
Definitely do your research first.

Though I love the comment/question... sorry but I think it's silly that you're worrying about belly sag... lol

I don't know if it would last... I had a baby three weeks ago and if they are anything like humans... her belly will sag! lol Just make sure she gets on that treadmill everyday and that should get rid of some of it! LMAO  :wink:
I can say that even if she does not have a litter (i.e you dont breed her) if she is not spayed before her first heat she more than likely will not keep that nice trim look. My savannah was bred by her previous owner  :x and when i got her she put it nicely a little droopy. She eventually trimmed a little but her nipples are NOT those little mounds barely visible like on a pup. they are thicker and very noticable. My Reese we were unable to spay before her first heat which was 2 months ago and the poor girl looks like she has milk stored. Her nipples closest to her hind end are large and sag a bit, and the nipples further upfront look the same as savannah's...who remember had some number of puppies yanking on them for milk.  My honest opinion is that unless you are wanting to become an reputable ethical breeder, then dont breed. It is not worth putting your girl though it for a litter of pups
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I believe Jennifer(Newcastle) addressed this in another topic also...Angel had one season and her nipples are definitely not receding and it's been over a year. Also I believe as far as shape, once she has had a season or a pregnancy, chances are that shape will never get back to what it was.....

More than anything, do your research, please read the topics in the breeding section, get a mentor to evaluate your female..The ideal breeder is breeding to "better" the breed..A finished dog (in the ring) is the best way to know if yours is a good example of the breed standard as well....
Thanks for the info everyone...I will for sure consider all these valid points and be doing allot more research before breeding....however if I do decide to breed it is my full intention to become a reputable ethical breeder to better the breed, but I think that in my situation now I'm going to have Gaby spayed before her first heat and leave the breeding for a few years down the road when I am financially stable...thanks again everyone for the great info :D
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