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Tyson and Ashley went to agility class today!!!

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Well at 9:00 am today Ashley and Tyson started agility.  They had a great time working as a team.  The class has just 2 dogs enrolled which is very nice because we get more 1 on 1 with the instructor.  I was concerned how Tyson will react with strange dogs (He loves to play rough and that scares most people and their dogs) but he really surprised me.  He was a gentleman all class.  Ashley was on cloud nine knowing that she was in control making him do what ever the instructor asked.  

Tyson was right at home on the a-frame, dog walk, the tire jump, and the hurdles, actually I think he would do anything for a treat.  The Instructor said that Tyson will make a great agility dog if we keep at it.  He was very surprised how quickly he caught on to everything.  Well enough from the proud papa.


p.s.  I brought the camera but the batteries died in the cold air
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Sounds like Tyson is going to do well in agility. Take some pictures the next time you go if you can, would love to see them.
How fun!!! :lol:  Sounds like Tyson and Ashley did great together :D Too bad about the camera, maybe next time.
I'll make sure my wife gets photo's next time.  I'll put the new batteries in myself.
Tyson came home afterwards and slept the rest of the day!!!  Ashley was calling him "Tyson sleepypants"

That's wonderful!  My son wants to do agility with Henry, but he's so busy already I don't think he'll have time.  Plus, the boy is only 14 years old which means I would have to do all the driving! :lol:   We're about an hour's drive south of Houston, too much driving for me! :lol:
So now we have 2 Agility pros, huh? Tyson & Heather's Hanna....Sounds like Tyson took to it very well, definitely need pics next time :)
Thats great Scott - we go Monday for an hour private lesson before we settle into group.  This was our instructor can evaluate Hanna's knowledge (due to  flyball and other agility classes) and can put her in the right class.

Maybe someday will see you at a novice match!!  That my goal for 2008!!   Great job for Tyson and Ashley!!!
Thanks everyone.  Ashley has been working with Tyson everyday getting him ready to be off-leash soon.  She keeps asking why he minds better for me than for her?  I tell her that she needs to be more forcefull in her commands to him.  Tell him like you mean it, not softly.  All in all I can see the improvement in how he responds to her since saturday though.  

I check the camera this morning(needed it for school) and there were 2 pics from saturday before the batteries died.  If they are any good I will upload them this afternoon.

Well I found a few pics from the class on Saturday before the batteries died.  Here they are--enjoy!



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She is too cute!!!   We took Hanna to her private lesson last night - did mostly foundation work and rear end awareness.  However when the instructor took her and run thru some basics, she was sooo good.  When I got her, she was another story.  ha ha ha.  I think she knows who is the professional and who is not.
Hanna, which org are you planning to compete with?

AKC, for now, one day to compete at ABC.   That would be my dream for 2009!!
We will probably start with cpe and then move on to nadac

I really have no idea yet, figuring it gonna take up about 6 months to get down the foundation work, and then we will go from there.  So you never know!!!!
I agree, I want Ashley to learn the right way so she will enjoy the competition and not get frustrated by it.  I will let her start competing when the trainer tells us that Tyson and Ashley are both ready.

Yeah, I am in no rush.  Its hard (being a handler) esp when you are working with someone that this stuff is second nature to!!!  ha ha.   I need to get better with my clicker!!  I am always a date late and a treat short with that.
Those are good pics of Tyson & Ashley..How old is your daughter? She looks pretty comfortable with handling Tyson..Had to laugh at what you told her about being more forceful with her commands..She'll get it and what a great experience for her as well
That looks like so much fun. Now that Kiah is getting a bit older, I wonder if she would enjoy do agility more.
Ashley will be 10 in March.  She can use a forcefull voice when she yells at her sister, why not Tyson.  LOL
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