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Tyson isn’t eating, but he’s drinking lots of water and is lethargic

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Tyson my 9 year old boxer is not eating at all, but he’s drinking water! He‘s also lethargic and very clingy! I don’t know if it’s because we went out of town this past weekend! And our Relatives have a pit bull but they havent ever met and we put one up in bedroom and let other out and vice versa, but this past weekend after going out of town they came to our house! Could he not be eating because another dog was in his house or what!? He isnt throwing up or have diarrhea! He ate a couple bites of the other dogs food!! He also has IBD and is on medication to make him digest his food which he’s been on for 6 years and he’s on a special diet of Royal Canin Gastrointestinal! He is doing the same exact things our other boxer did before he passed, so I’m very worried! Thanks!!
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I would get him to the Vet right away. He sounds like he has a very upset stomach probably from the stress of those other dogs in your house and you being gone. Sometimes they can worry themselves into a state where thier stomachs just don’t empty so they are not hungry I know because I have one of those dogs. Usually they give my dog metacloprimide and it gets him going again. Extreme thirst is very concerning too so he really needs to be evaluated by the Vet. At 9 he is a senior dog now and like most older people they just can’t deal with stress it’s too upsetting for them so that’s something that needs to be considered when making plans
I had a female boxer who got this was a scary thing to go thru. She had to have blood transfusions mega doses of prednisone too. This condition is thought to be a result of having thier regular vaccines which can bring on a hyper reaction from the immune system. Ticks are also suspected in this glad you’re dog pulled thru my girl took a long time for blood counts were normal I almost lost her. She started by being weak and fainting
I lost that female Boxer that had the IMHA to food related DCM when she was 7 it was especially heartbreaking because once we got thru the IMHA she returned to full health was happy and fun loving dog. It took I think 3 months maybe 4 before she regained her health and strength back. I thank goodness she never got those prednisone side effects but I was really worried giving her those large doses. her blood count on the onset was at near death numbers so it took her a long time it seemed for her numbers to come up spent a lot of sleepless nights and a whole lot of tears, she was one of the best dogs I had ever had too. I am so sorry to hear your dog relapsed with this sounds like the steroids are really hard on him. Hopefully he is not going to be needing steroids anymore! I wonder if that ear pain has anything to do with the sores he had in his mouth? Kudos to you for helping a dog in need. My first Boxer was a product of a back yard breeder in horrible condition when I brought her home but some wormings and good food she came around, her temperament was never the best by no means a friendly Boxer but she was the longest lived dog I have had she made it to 13 so I don’t think the bad start affects them too much, and coincidentally she was the healthiest of any other Boxer that I had afterwards never needed the Vet for anything but routine stuff! On the fear issue I’m sure she will improve maybe make sure your partner is the one to treat her and spend time playing with her till she understands good things happen when she sees him. After my bout with IMHA I view getting vaccines differently now. Which allergy med do you think did this? If you want private message me, I had a run in with the more popular advertised med with gastric issues.
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