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Ugh, "black" boxer is already starting

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I am so annoyed. Took Brodi to the vet tonight for his check-up and once I get there I find out there is a fill in vet because our regular vet had an emergency.. As me and hubby are sitting in the room waiting. He says to me.. Wow, I
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LOL well at least people are asking so you can educate.....
I don't think I would be so harsh on eveyone. Most folks have no idea that there can not be a black boxer. They just don't know and probably have no reason too.   Now, that breeder that said it....... well, that is another story.
i would be kinda scared over the fact that a vet wasnt aware of this basic knowledge. I know vets arent supposed to know every detail of every breed, but yeesh :) Brodi is sooo handsome though that i am sure this will happen often
Ihavent seen PIX yet? do they exist here? Link please...
Here ya go. ... pic&t=6523

He sure looks "black" to me  :wink: J/J
you should have looked at the vet and said oh that's because he is a pure bred shar cant tell? and confused her more..maybe she would have believed you since she thought your black boxer was cool...haha. Brodi is so good looking..i showed travis and he wants one.
:roll: the lady "breeder" she jsut had no clue ...but id be nervous my vet didnt know..even if its not your vet..maybe take this as an opportunity to educate he gets older theyll see his stripes a little more i think? you ll be teaching them something new just going in :D


& Chloe is always beautiful !!!
i love the "black" boxer look! he a cute puppy!!
Yeah, I would have to vent too! The breeder would have just pissed me off though! lol She breeds and yet was completely lost when talking about health testing... HELL... the simple fact that she didn't even know about a reverse brindle or that there is no such thing as a black boxer... SHOWS how (un)educated she is on a breed she is BREEDING!

Again... he's SOOO gorgeous. I told hubby last year that if we get another boxer... that I would SOOO love a reverse brindle... ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!
The brindling should get more apparent with age.  It has with all my dark brindles that I've had in the past and the one I have in the present.

I agree that it probably is going to happen alot because some people just dont know any better.  You have a chance to educate them since they will be drawn to comment on your baby because it is unusual and good looking....

I would feel that a breeder should have known, but there are alot of people who just breed to breed and those who breed for money, and those who breed to better the know all those stories, and who knows where this lady fell into....Probably for sure the first or second group.

On the some extent you have to cut her a little slack...maybe a little less slack because it did not seems she cared to listen to you explain it...But, a little for not knowing....It is common not to know everything about every breed.  From a medical standpoint all dogs are generally the same in the fact the the knee bones connected to the......etc.....You have to dive deeper to find out genetic issues and traits of a breed or lack there of and of course with the flooding of the "designer" breeds who knows what someone is going to walk in and say they have.

Most people research and learn more about what they are interested in.  I know much more about Boxers now then I ever did before I owned one and like most people there was some point that everyone was not as educated as they are today...plenty of people dont know and did not know there were not black boxers....So like I say you have a great looking tool to educate with :)
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Aww, Shari, I kinda figured this would happen eventually, but I never would have expected it from the vet! And then for a breeder to say that as well? Lol, did you begin to feel like a broken record? Grrr, the ignorance of people sometimes
Not everyone knows the "ins" and "outs" of "black" boxers.  I would not have known about them, had it not been for this site.  Although I'm not one of them, some people really don't care about breed standards, or what's "normal" for a breed.
Don't feel bad, I have had people ask what breed Sampson is??? They had never seen a brindle boxer before. It's like, geez, where are you from, Mars or something???
Sorry if anyone took it the wrong way, I wasn't annoyed that some people just don't know about the whole black boxer not existing.It's just like me not knowing about any other breeds other then boxers but it was the fact I tried to explain it and they still just assumed black boxers are out there.
I agree!  I took Bo in to get fixed a week ago today.  The humane society assigned him to our old vet which has like 15 vets working in an office.  I have had bad experience with certain vets there in the past, hence why they aren't my vet anymore!  Well...anyways...I took him into get him fixed and I requested no ACE.  The vet tech looks at me and says "why not?  It's fine for dogs."  I proceed to tell her of the bradycardia and other issues with it, and she continues to insist that boxers and all dogs are fine with it, but that they don't use it often and if it is my preference *while kinda rolling eyes and sighing* they will not use it.  But I really had to defend myself even after explaining it.  Kinda made me mad...shouldn't they listen to us?
Just tell them that he is not a boxer... He is a rare breed of Venetian Malaboxhound.

When they tell you that it is made up... Tell them "so are black boxers. there's no such thing."

Have fun with it!

I always tell them Beaux is part boxer part tiger- that's why he has "TIGER STRIPES". :)
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