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My 5.5yr old, minka, was born with a heart murmur, (grade 5) and has collapses and seizures which are always so upsetting as our vet has told us each one could be her last and her life may only be short.. not news anyone wants to hear, however we have made it this far possibly due to having a very quiet stress free home and a good diet/exercise routine.
Up until 2 weeks ago we had nearly 8 months completely clear of collapses/seizures, she then had 2 in one week, the last being a few days ago. Today dad was in the garden with her and she didn't want to or didn't know how to, play with her ball, (very out of character as she is very 'ball motivated' always has one in her mouth), instead of the usual fetch, she picked the ball up and took it back down the garden and dropped it by the gate something she has never done before and she kept repeating this every time dad walked her back up the garden.
Does anyone recognise this behaviour? Dad says it was like she had lost the association between ball and play, but possibly could it be that she was using her boxer cunning, which she has bucket loads of!, to say she wants to go through the gate and over the road to the fields dad takes her to? We don't take her far from the house on walks anymore because of her seizures etc it is too stressful, fortunately she has a massive garden to run about in though, which she loves, she has little hidey-holes in the bushes and trees she has created and loves going out there.
Could this be that her last seizure has caused some brain damage, which we know could occur? She ate her breakfast fine this morning and seems ok in herself generally.
Any advice please, thank you!
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