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Update on Gisselle

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Just got home. I forgot what the vet called it but here it is in lamens(sp) terms. THe muscles are swollen and the mamoary (sp)gland is swollen ALOT. They sent home LASIKS to get the swelling down and she also has another antibiotic called Baytril.
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I think the Lasiks will make her potty more.  Be prepared.  I'm glad it wasn't anything worse than that!  Poor baby!
Awh... poor baby. Lasiks will help a lot, get rid of all that fluid... unfortunately that does mean MORE pee... but if she's potty trained (?) you shouldn't have a problem, unlike ODIN.  :D Glad it wasn't anything TOO bad.
glad to know it wasnt anything major! keep us posted on how she does.
LOL She  is potty trained but the vet said she might have accidents, but he    said I could blame it on him!!   :lol:

Sorry didn't notice you had that she was two in your sig. I wonder if Odin will be potty trained by two lol.
yes....odin will be potty trained by then  :lol:   It will happen before you really recognize that he is.
Glad to hear that Gisselle will be allright..I'm laughing at Mastray tho..Of course Odin will be potty trained by 2! Good lord almighty...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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