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Wow...this week has been great for training with Jetta

Jetta now will sit 100% of the time, no matter who gives command
she comes 90% of the time for both Mike and I
she learned lay down 3 days ago...and aside from being a little premature with it (she sometimes will lay before I give the command, which i don't reward her for) seems to do it 75% of the time
and I added the bell for letting her out...she has worked on it for 2 days...and today i took her to the door and i pointed to the bell and said outside, and she lifted her paw 3 different times on 3 different occasions through the day and hit the bells...

Also, no accident for like 3 is her 12 week birthday...I am really proud of my puppy...

the only time we have trouble with recall right now is if there are other dogs present (like my mom's dogs)...and even then we can tell her sit, and she'll sit, then we can call her and she comes...

We have also started stay...we make her sit and stay when we bring her food and water out...and she stays long enough for me to come out of the kitchen with the food, set it down and step back and tell her ok...this is about 8 seconds...

Now if only we can train the cat, lol

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She went to the door today, rang the bell and peed outside...later she went to the kitchen, peed then rang the I think she is getting the hang of it
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