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"Hi!  Just wanted to share an update on Max, the fawn male rescued from Broward Animal Control.  He is doing great.  He lives in Westin, on a 3 acre farm with a wonderful couple, 2 female dogs (1 boxer, 1 mixed breed), and 2 horses (no cats, luckily)!  He gets a ton of exercise, and a ton of love and companionship, and he is thriving!  I am forwarding a recent pic of Max; this is 2 months after rescue - look what TLC can do!  I'm sending 4 after pics, and 1 "before" pic.  This is the kind of story that just makes your day!!!"

"Luna is also doing really well; I just don't have a new picture of her.  She's with a family with a teenage daughter, and they have a male boxer (6 years old) named Boone.  They love her, although she does sound pretty mischievous!!  Max is running around so much he doesn't have time or energy to make mischief!"

Pictures wouldn't work, but I just wanted to let everyone know how they were doing!  What a great ending to an almost sad story!
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