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Hi Pamela,
I'm a bit short on time, so I have no tips for you on lead pulling (unfortunately, this is one of the absolute hardest things to break), but you should be able to work through this with your trainer. I prefer to use a prong collar as a trainging collar for my girls and have had great success with it. As with any collar (yes, even the haltis), just make sure to have the prong collar properly fitted to your dog by a qualified trainer prior to using one. You will also need to be shown how a proper correction is given by both collars and trained how to use them yourself prior to actually using them.

My main reason for posting is because I had an idea for you with regards to Santa. . . Try filling a separate water bottle with chicken broth and spraying it into Santa's mouth. She should learn in short order that the spray bottle isn't something to be feared if good stuff comes out of it. (This is assuming that you don't plan on using the spray bottle as correction with her, that is.)

Good luck, glad to hear that you're hanging in there. Also very glad to hear that you've had good help from the trainer. :)
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