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Update on Roxy

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Hi All

I've not been on here for a couple of weeks but I just thought I'd give an update on Roxy's skin problems.  

After the disasterous visit with the horrible vet last month (which left me in tears), the anti-histamines that were prescribed did stop her itching temporarily but the rash hasn't cleared up at all, if anything it has got worse.  Rox has been itching and licking herself constantly and the red-ness has spread from her back legs and is now also on her abdomin.  

We took her to see a different vet last night and she has been given another course of anti-histamines, a course of anti-biotics and some special shampoo which we have to use every other day all over her and leave on for 10 mins before washing off.  We have another appointment to take her back in 2 weeks to see if things have improved.  If there isn't significant improvement she's going to have some hair folicle tests etc to see if any specific allergies can be determined.

I just really hope that the tablets and shampoo make her better cos I feel so sorry for the poor girl, she really does look like the pics of the neglected dogs you see on the RSPCA adverts (I can assure you that she is anything but neglected!).  I'll try and post some pics tonight so you can see the problem but her skin is all red and in some patches she has actually broken the skinand made scabs where she has been licking and biting herself so much.  On a plus side, it doesn't seem to be affecting her too much, she's her normal self and is eating/drinking/playing fine and is lively as ever which is good.  

So if everyone could send positive thoughts to Roxy that'd be great, hopefully she'll be back to being a white boxer soon, as she is currently a pink boxer with bits of white  :lol:  bless her!

PS She was weighed again last night and is now 23kg (51lb) at 10 months  :)
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Sarah, I am curious what med's they put Roxy on?  Also, did either vet do an injection on her while in the office or did she just go home with meds?  I may have some suggestions.........I live in flea town so we see tons of allergy dogs and cats :)
[quote="sharonL\";p=\"70394":35uanihq]Sarah, I am curious what med's they put Roxy on?
Okay I will check back on it!!!! There are some great things that work for this and maybe you/your vet have just not hit on the right one yet....The only down side to the hair testing for allergy is that they come back allergic to so many things and would have to live in a bubble to get away from most of them....The part most vets dont mention up front is that after the testing they will make a allergin injection for your dog that has to be taken monthly and is generally kind of expensive.  I have one yorkie that has been down this route and the poor thing was allergic to all kind of grass, pollen, mold, dust, dustmites and the list goes on.  He comes in once a month for two allergy shots and I will admit he looks great but it is something that will be done for the rest of his life....So, if you go that route just be prepared that it will not normally come back saying "Roxy is allergic to corn" and that be the end of it.....:)
Thanks for the advice Sharon, maybe I'll have to invest in one of theose contamination suit things that you see people wearing - could you imagine that, a boxer in a full body suit with mask  :lol:  :lol:  

Bless her, she seems to have been really unlucky with this and she's such an angel - on the other hand our pug is completely healthy and is a little terror!  I feel so sorry for her!  

The vet did mention that things will get costly if we have to go down that route, my OH is under instruction to contact the insurance company today to find out the type of cover we have and what they will include.  I believe we have lifetime cover and it was taken out when she was a tiny pup so hopefully they'll be able to fund some of it if we have to get to that.  Fingers crossed for the current meds working though, save Rox further distress and us some money (not that we wouldn't give everything we have for our babies but you know what I mean!) :) xx
I hope you and your vet can get to the root of Roxy's skin issues. I know this isn't any fun for either of you!  :(  Keep us posted on what you find out, and of course we will send tons of {{{healing vibes}}} Roxy's way!
Feel better soon Roxy!  Poor thing.  I hope the meds and shampoo work!  Lola has similar issues....constant scratching & licking.  I use medicated shampoo on her also.  I've cut out wheat, corn and soy.  She's a little better, but still scratches.  If you look at old posts of mine you may find some similarities and some advise.  Hope Roxy is better very soon!  Lola sends kisses!
Poor girl - Sam and Lucy send boxer hugs to Roxy!
We are always battling the itchies.  The only meds that work for her is Temaril P

Its a antihistamine with a mild steroid.   We have been playing with food, and now doing a protein elimination to rule out what exactly Hanna is alergic to.
Poor Roxy, I hope you all can get to the bottom of her skin issues Sarah
Poor baby, hope she gets to feeling better soon.
Came back to check on this...if I miss your post just PM me.....
Sorry Sharon, I didn't get chance to post back last night - my OH was hogging the laptop!!
Poor little girl.  And she's just sooooo cute and sweet looking!
Praying for healing and some answers. :D
Hi guys, finally got back on here!!
Err...Congratulations Rox!  :p

I'm happy to hear the meds seem to be helping her. I hope she continues to get better, and good luck with the cycle!
Well the first one is a broad spectrum antibiotic used for pyoderma caused by staph and the Tavegil tablets are allergy pills. The Malaseb is a good shampoo.  So I woud say go through the meds and see how it goes especially if you think it is better.  If after this you think it is not them let me know by PM and I have a few other suggestions before you go the route of allergy testing....Good luck and hope this works!!!
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