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UPDATE!!!!!!!!! YEP, a Buddy for Trakkar

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Here's the update:  We just could not resist the urge for another boxer, so here's Shyla.  We went back to the breeder today and picked her out and got pics of Shyla and more pics of Trakkar.  We even got some of them snuggling together.

New pics of Trakkar

Shyla and Trakkar together

Yep, we are getting ourselves ready for our two new babies.  We know it will be a workout, but we are prepared.  How could we resist these two.  Thanks to all of those who have given us advice and responded to our questions.  I'm sure that we will have plenty of questions ahead.

I have this also posted over on the introduction section, but I know that many of you have already read that posting so I thought I would repost this here.  Well, since picking out Trakkar, we debated all night and even this morning about getting a second boxer, one of his brothers.  We feel that we will eventually end up getting a second one, so we are debating on just getting one of his siblings that he's familiar with and going through the potty training and other training at one time.  We would really like for them to be buddies with each other as well as our two boys.  Yes, that will really be a workout if we decide on two, but oh I'm sure it will be fun. :lol:  

Anyone have an thoughts getting two right away?  Would it be easier for Trakkar if he has a sibling with him?
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Re: Buddy for Trakkar or Not?????

I know that many on here have two or more boxers.  I have no experience but others who have had two puppies at once will be able to give you some good advice.
Re: Buddy for Trakkar or Not?????

well we have 2 but not the same age (Bubba is a year old and Gracie is 16 weeks).  While they are both still kinda puppies it is nice that Bubba is older because Gracie follows his lead.  If I tell Bubba to sit she sits to.  When I call Bubba she comes to and I think this has helped some with training.  Gracie is usually busy following Bubba around so it seems like she gets into less trouble than she did before we got him.  I think two puppies at the same time would be fun but a TON of work!
Re: Buddy for Trakkar or Not?????

we also have two but there is a difference in age. Savannah is 2 and Reese is now 8 months. We did however have to go through housetraining both at the same time. Savanah was  a rescue from a "breeder" who kept the dogs outside 24/7 and the were not allowed indoors. So when i got her we started with housebreaking- we got Reese about a month later and she was 12 wks. It was hard because Savannahs bladder was bigger so she wouldnt always go when we took Reese out but then would end up pee'ing inside about abou 30 minutes later! ARGHH :) we got through that and things are great now. i def think two boxers are a good thing, especially if you have to leave them alone from time to time they can keep each other company.
Re: Buddy for Trakkar or Not?????

I have 2 boxers.  They are not the same age and we got our 2nd about 9 months after our first.  Can't give any advise on have 2 puppies.  I'm sure it will be lots of work but well worth it.  I definately recommend 2!
Re: Buddy for Trakkar or Not?????

I have two boxers but our first one came via rescue and was already housebroken.  It wasn't hard to get him into a schedule and except for a couple of accidents, which were my fault for not recognizing his signal to go out, he has been a breeze.  We got Sophie who is just about 12 weeks old and I love having both of them.  Sophie does learn a lot from Kane.  She follows his lead on just about everything and never cried once from being lonely - which was a big plus.  I think if you can manage two of them, it's great for them to have each other for company.  But everything is doubled, the expense, the work and the fun.  Good luck with your decision.
Re: Buddy for Trakkar or Not?????

I also have two Boxers, Maddy was about 2 when we got Tink, so she was still going through her Puppy stage. I feel that when one had a friend to romp around with, they could just occupy each other sometimes. And if you have to leave the house, one doesn't have to be alone. I would say 2 cause Boxers are always better in pairs. But it is a personal decision.
Sure enough, we picked out a buddy for Trakkar.  Check out Shyla's pics above.

Congratulations on your decision to take two babies home with you.  I'm sure you will have your moments when you want to tear your hair out, but you'll also have so much fun raising the two together.  Keep us posted on their progress.
Congratulations on your 2 new babies!  I know they will be a handful but so worth it.  You are going to have so much fun!  Can't wait to see more pics.
I only have little maverick at home who is 14 weeks old but I wish i had another one. Youre really lucky to be having both of them home at once.
Anyone have an thoughts getting two right away?
ahh they are just adorable!you were able to give wo puppies a new home and family congrats to you!

Aww.. she is just adorable and they are so cute together.
Congratulations! Your furbabies are adorable. If you can handle two puppies at once, I say go for it! Heck, if I was single I would live on a farm and probably have 20!!  8O  I keep telling hubby I want a house in the country and I want to start a boxer rescue!!!
Shyla is just adorable, congrats on your decision for two pups!! I'm sure it will be a blast ;-)

I have to tell you that I am madly in love with little Trakkar!!! Look at that smooshie face!!! OH MY GOD it is too much,
I just wanna squeeze his little marshmallow face!!  :D
If you can handle 2 pups, I'd go for it. Some people do advise against bringing home littermates, but Lie Jeanene said, hers are wonderful and like they are such extensions of each other....They are both cute as can be.... :)
YAY!! THEY ARE ADORABLE! I WANT A THIRD!!! hehe this puppy business is contagious!
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