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Re: Buddy for Trakkar or Not?????

we also have two but there is a difference in age. Savannah is 2 and Reese is now 8 months. We did however have to go through housetraining both at the same time. Savanah was  a rescue from a "breeder" who kept the dogs outside 24/7 and the were not allowed indoors. So when i got her we started with housebreaking- we got Reese about a month later and she was 12 wks. It was hard because Savannahs bladder was bigger so she wouldnt always go when we took Reese out but then would end up pee'ing inside about abou 30 minutes later! ARGHH :) we got through that and things are great now. i def think two boxers are a good thing, especially if you have to leave them alone from time to time they can keep each other company.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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