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Here's the update:  We just could not resist the urge for another boxer, so here's Shyla.  We went back to the breeder today and picked her out and got pics of Shyla and more pics of Trakkar.  We even got some of them snuggling together.

New pics of Trakkar

Shyla and Trakkar together

Yep, we are getting ourselves ready for our two new babies.  We know it will be a workout, but we are prepared.  How could we resist these two.  Thanks to all of those who have given us advice and responded to our questions.  I'm sure that we will have plenty of questions ahead.

I have this also posted over on the introduction section, but I know that many of you have already read that posting so I thought I would repost this here.  Well, since picking out Trakkar, we debated all night and even this morning about getting a second boxer, one of his brothers.  We feel that we will eventually end up getting a second one, so we are debating on just getting one of his siblings that he's familiar with and going through the potty training and other training at one time.  We would really like for them to be buddies with each other as well as our two boys.  Yes, that will really be a workout if we decide on two, but oh I'm sure it will be fun. :lol:  

Anyone have an thoughts getting two right away?  Would it be easier for Trakkar if he has a sibling with him?
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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