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Hello you all
Its been a while snice I've been on here, but just want to give you guys an update with my journey with my boxer King. A lot of you know what he was going through from the time I got him when he was a puppy till he was over a year old. Short story he stomach couldn't handle any dog food or cook food, which then caused him have diarrhea and throwing up for about 1 year and some months. He lost weight and was only 47 pds by the time he was one, he saw internal Dr, which then they did a colposcopy on him. The vet saw umbilicated lymphoid follicles, purple nodules arranged in a linear fashion with one larger purple mass like lesion and he ended up having boxer colitis. They gave him meds to help the inflammations etc and put him on perception food. He was good for about 2 months then started having problems, so by then I decided to put him on a raw diet. Ever snice then he has had no problems gain all weight. He had another check up with the internal Dr and he was doing good, no more diarrhea or throwing up. sorry for the short story, he ended up being longer then I thought.

As of now King has been on a raw diet for about 10 months ( wish i put him on from the beganing)
He just turn two about 2 moths ago and is now weight about 75 pds, which i know he still probably gonna fill out now and maybe gain couple more pounds. He doing a lot better no more issues etc.
I did get a lot great support and information which i truly appreciate it to this day.

here are pic of king now.


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Glad you found something that works for him, he looks great!
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