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Updated pics of Jake

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Here are some new pics of Jake.Sitting pretty,looking across the yard saying "Yes ladys I am hot"

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He looks so regal.  How old is he?  Does he ever ignore you when you call his name?
He does have that attitude about him doesn't he. I wonder if my Loki will do the same thing.
Do you have any pics of Loki???  I can't get my Bo to pose for any good ones.  He won't stay still long enough.
Look under the Show Off Forum and look for New Pictures of Loki. Those are the most updated ones that I have of him. those were taken Sunday. I am going tomorrow to see him also. But won't be able to post those pictures until I get home from work tomorrow. I would repost the ones I have of Loki now but I am at work and not at home. And if my signature shows up you can see him in that one too, but the better picture is in the Show off Forum.
He is 11 weeks.He doesnt really ignore anyone.He loves attention and anytime his name is called he is all about finding out whats going on.He also goes to work with me everyday and we spend about 22-24 hours a day together,so he knows his name
I thought my Bo was a little over 8 weeks when I got him, that would make him almost 10 weeks now, however he is only 8 weeks and 2 days old.  I noticed on his papers that he was born on August 28th.  I haven't even had him two weeks yet so it will take him some time.  When I call his name he just stares at me like "Are you crazy."
What a cutie! He looks so proud in those pics!
Jake is so cute, i love his coloring.
wow jake is such a pretty boy!! getting good pics is can be difficult sometimes :) the girls will run to me everytime they see the camera so i have to sneak up on them to get mine :D
Jake is soooo cute!  I love the last pic..looks like a snobby he just knows he's adorable!
I love these photos of Jake. He is a very handsome boxer!

What a cutie he is, and definitely already thinking he's a ladies man.... :lol: That second one is my favorite.
Goodness he's adorable. I would love another pup, but I don't think I can go through the potty training, and obedience training all over again. lol
Thank you all for the compliments.I have taken over 160 pictures of him in 2 weeks and he is great at it.
That is one handsome boy, don't be stingy with all those pics :lol:
Those are great pics.  He must be very well behaved getting to spend all that time with you!
Jake is really a cutie.  He holds his head up so cute in those pictures.  Can't wait to see more of them.
He is a lil ladies man, isn't he?  :)
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