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Using whistle to teach "come"

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I have a few questions. I want to use a whistle when outside, to teach "come". I see too many people saying, "come here!, come here!" over and over to their dogs, and I can see that first of all, their tone of voice is always changing, from normal to frustration, and secondly, the command means less when they repeat over and over. So I think I will start with a whistle and see how that goes. Ok, now for the questions.

1) Would you recommend a regular "gym" whistle, or a silent dog whistle?

2) I dog can understand that two commands mean the same thing, right? Example, using a whistle and saying "come" means the same thing. Wouldn't want to have to use a whistle in the house all the time, lol :)

3) I plan to use a clicker for most of the dogs training. WOuld you use the whistle AND clicker when training, or leave the clicker out, for that one part of training? If you would use it, how? Blow whistle, once the dog comes, click and reward?? I am afraid that may cause confusion.
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sully\";p=\"117052 said:
Why not just use your mouth to whistle?

Not sure if you already read this, but the Recall sticky talks about whistling. ... opic&t=800
Yes, I read the sticky. Just trying to get a few more opinions and/or experiences. As for whistling myself? LOL, I cannot whistle loud at all. Whistle to a song, but that is about it.
Thanks. I am sure tone is key, and that is why I am thinking whistle. I have seen many dogs ignore owners when their frustration can be "heard".
I like the whistle-"command". As far as which kind of whistle, do you think it matters? I like the idea of a dog whistle, so I don't draw attention to myself as much, but if a plain regular whistle works better...
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