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Vet Fees....

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On the Maverick thread I am always insterested to see what a basic office visit cost around the country.

To get into my vet, regarless of any extras is a flat 53.00 to get an appointment.

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Good question! I thought I paid $36, but I just looked at an old bill and they charge $52.50 for an office call. I like the $36 better!  :lol:
my old vet charges $40 (unless coming in for vaccines, then it's waived) my new vet charges like $25 for the first dog and $10 for the second
Here in Northern VA it's around $50 but just a hour south at my mom's house--Near Richmond VA it is $36--- unless I go on Base then it must cheaper( but you can never get in)
24 Emergancy Vet is 125.00 to get in the door    8O

Thank God we have only had to do that once!!!
Our office visits are $32 but if it's an immunization update that is waived and just charged for the shots. Blitzens final round of shots were yesterday, total $28. Went back through records and Donners neuter was $100.Micro chip $35. Fecal exams are $10, urinalysis $28.We're very satisfied with the service and think the fees are reasonable  :D
we have patch on an insurance plan thru Banfield and we pay $20 a month and no office fees. we just pay for any meds he may need.
55$ flat rate here....looked at other vets a bit further out and they are between 52-60 as well. Lori...where are you again? im thinking i might move there lol
I called earlier today for a heart guard pill and front line.  They told me $30.  

I'm ordering from 1800petmeds!
I think I paid like $30.00 for the office visit last time we went in for Lucy's check up but then with all the extra stuff they do, it adds up. I think during Lucy's health problems with kennel cough, mange, and Giardia, we probably spent $600-800. Our emergency 24 hr. clinic charges $150 just for the office visit and I have been there more often than I would have wanted to (seems my dogs only have serious emergencies at like 1 or 2 am  :roll: )
LOL Donya, we're just south of Syracuse. Lots of room around here, we're VERY economically depressed. Factories and people are out of here like rats leaving a sinking ship!!!  Plus the NYS taxes are out of this world!! Probably the reason our vet bills are so reasonable  :lol:
My vet office is the cheapest on the island i believe and its 35.00 for an office fee not too sure about anything else...find out soon though its almost time for her first yearly check-up/tests.
When i took Kiah in for her shots, the vet bill was $25 something for the wellness checkup and $30 each for the two shots, so the total bill was $85 ish.
i think something like $33
Just pulled my last receipts, we pay $35 for visits....Didn't charge me for Angel other than her shots, Samson they did as it was a lot more extensice exam
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