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vet visit, puppy weight, and food allergies....

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Today I took my babies to the vet...Ava got her last puppy shot and her rabies today...she is 17 weeks and is 24 lbs and about 14 1/2 in this normal??  what were your puppies weighing at this age?  

Also...Eli has another ear infection...and he has been chewing on his feet so much lately...the vet thinks he has allergies...he reccomended allergy testing but i think i am just going to switch Eli from Canidae (which has chicken, rice, and grains) to Dick Van Patten's Natural Potato and Duck to see if that helps...its much more expensive but if it helps it will save me in the long run with vet bills...

has anyone tried this food? any suggestions??

Thanks for your help!!

Jenn, Eli, and Ava
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As long as she is healthy she is at the right weight, they all grow at different rates.
Jetta was similar...maybe a bit smaller...right now she is 6 months and only 35-40 lbs...4.5 months and 24 sounds good to me
Newt was less than 21 lbs at 14 weeks, mind you shes the runt of the litter. Shes now almost a year and a half and only weighs 41.2 lbs, shes very active and the vet says shes fine at this weight. No one expects her to get any bigger. I think maybe Newt may gain a few more lbs though.
Sev was on Canidae at that age too. A lot of eye bogers/allergies. I switched him to California Natural Herring and sweet potatoe, a real simple food. He faired better on that. Now he's 2 and on grainless diet. Good luck with the new food!
I use lifes abundance. I have had good luck with it and food allergies. no preservatives.
I used life's abundance with Eli for over 6 months...good food...but i couldn't get rid of his tear stains...he is a white boxer and his tear stains were well down his cheeks with life's abundance so when we got Ava we switched to Canidae which is not working for Eli :(
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