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Vet Visit!!!!

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Dempsey went in for his Vet checkup today, we found out that one of his testicles has not dropped, we need to make a decision on weather to have surgery and remove the one that hasnt dropped while also having him neutered. The question I have is should we wait a little longer to see if it drops or should we go ahead with the surgery as he is only 4 1/2 months old. what time frame do the normally drop?
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Duke's didn't drop either, they had us wait until he was 6 months old and then they removed both. He just had two sets of stiches, but he was ok, we had a struggle to keep him calm for 10 days but that is about it.
I would wait until at least 6 months, however in a larger breed dog they are usually there  by 4 months if they are going to be :)  If it has not decended by that time (6 months) they usually wont.  In a true cryptorchidism or retained testicles, you can generally see or feel the testicle in the abdomen.  There are some males that are anorchids, which is they either only have one testicle or none at all, they just dont exist.  It is not a major surgery to have them (retained) removed.
do they remove the testicles during neutering anyway? Im not sure what they do when they neuter a pup?
From my understanding is they remove them, but since one has not dropped it will need additional surgery to remove it, then will have to have him neutered, and we are having him micro chipped all in the same day.

off topic the wife took him to the doggy day spa today so he could have his hair and nails done today along with his ear cleaning, then let him play with the other dogs at the spa today till around 5 pm.
Sounds about right as far as the surgery is concerned. Best of luck on whatever decision is made as far as the surgery is concerned.

As for the spa day...i had my own at the house for the girls. i used a pumice stone on the paw pads so that they were smooth, painted the nails, they got a bath...and got their ears cleaned. they werent too keen on having nails painted, but everything else went smoothly!! :D
ya, Told the wife it was going to give Dempsey a complex, when he is around all his male friends when they find out he stayed at a day spa, like a princess LOL
:shhh: we wont tell ;)
I would wait unless you want him neutered. Yes they do remove the testicles if you neuter them. I worked as a tech at a vet for two years. So I have seen lots of testicles lol.
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