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Video of Kaci's new trick

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way to go kaci! how did you teach her to do that Theresa?
Tyson will do that but he flips his treats the second you pull your hand away.  If you are to slow you will loose a finger!!!!!!

that is awesome...
Thats awesome!! We've been half heartedly trying to teach Jackson our border collie to do that. He has the wait part down but most of the time he ends up flipping the treat half way across the room!! LOL Maybe since Tyson has a shorter snout it will be easier for him......LOL
We didn't really teach it to her. I started to put her favorite football on her nose and she would wait until we told her "OK". Then today my husband showed me that she could do it with treats. She's VERY smart and has picked up on everything we've tried to teach her in a matter of days if not hours.

Thank you all :D
WooHoo Kaci!  :D  WTG!! Buster used to do that with Ritz Bitz crackers. I haven't been able to teach Maddie to do it Tyson, we'd lose a finger!  :lol:
That is too cool! 8)
We've tried to do that with Henry, but if there is food involved, look out! :lol:   He thinks it needs to be in him, not on him! :lol:
That is so good Kaci, smart girl.  Kiah is really good on the wait command but not sure if she would flip it.
[quote="tysonsdad\";p=\"64059":3jkqbmi3]Tyson will do that but he flips his treats the second you pull your hand away.
thats awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!

Isis uhmm doesnt catch at all 8O .no matter wht the food is she lets it hit her between the eyes... :roll: everytime !!

maybe its being deaf? shes super coordinated in everyother way except matter how hard we try lol....
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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